Interested in investing in real estate?

Investing in real estate is something that I am truly passionate about and I know there are many people out there that are interested but don’t know where to start.

I will be posting many blogs about this topic in the future but in the meantime please contact me if you have any questions about investing in real estate. I have been analyzing deals for the past 7 years and I know what to look for when it comes to expenses and how to price a home for rent or sale.

What are you looking for?

Portland is a great place to invest. It can be difficult to find the perfect investment property but it is worth holding out to invest in an area that you are familiar with. Especially for the first couple

One of the benefits for investing here is homes in Portland appreciate significantly. There are opportunities in Portland for everyone’s investment goals but you will not see the 8-10% cap rates on the market that you could find in other areas of the country. It is possible to find a property that needs some work and do a value add (add a bedroom/bathroom) to increase the cap rate.

If out of state investing might be more your speed I would be happy to discuss that option with you as well. I have a great network of real estate agents that would be able to help you in areas with higher cap rates. Of course, there are some major trade offs that we can discuss.

Local investor meetups

If you are interested in connecting with other likeminded individuals I can suggest a networking groups that will help you grow as an investor. If you are just somewhat curious about investing in real estate you should join Bigger Pockets. It is essentially Facebook for investors and there is a wealth of information available for free.